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Joanna Gamez

Producer & Project Manager

Joanna, as they say, is a woman of many hats, but her specialty is production and account management.  She is an expert at managing all aspects of physical production, planning and account budgets.  From locations to casting, and to overall logistical coordination and scheduling; you name it, and she's on top of it.

Working closely with Shot Glass' Head of Production / Executive Producer, Joanna helps ensure that all workflow progresses like clockwork. She has helped organize a multitude of public outreach campaigns, social/digital content, and corporate projects both locally and nationally. As a strategic team player, she can always be counted on to be the calm in the storm, making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Prior to Shot Glass, Joanna worked in public relations, concert production, and in business consulting. Her varied experience makes her the invaluable asset she is today.

A member of the Shot Glass family for over 15 years, Joanna happens to know where the skeletons are buried...But don't even think of asking, 'cause she'll never tell.

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